Relationships, Life Transitions, & Grief Counseling

Relationship Difficulties

  • Are you having ongoing difficulties in an important relationship (spouse, parent, child, friend co-worker)?
  • Do you struggle to communicate effectively with others?
  • Do you desire healthier, more intimate relationships in your life?
We are meant to navigate life with other people by our side. Relationships are intended to fill us with joy and not deplete us of our resources. Therapy can help you gain insight about your past relationship patterns as well identify unhealthy forms of communication. New skills can be taught to navigate future discord and to help create healthy boundaries in order to have deeper and more fulfilling connections.

Life transitions & Adjustment Issues

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by an upcoming change in your life?
  • For example, have you recently changed careers or desire a career change?
  • Are you planning to move or purchasing a home?
  • Will you be starting college/graduate school?
  • Are you thinking about getting married or starting a family?

Change is an inevitable part of life and is accompanied by stress and anxiety regardless of if the change is expected or not. Even positive transitions require a period of adjustment and can also bring of feelings of fear. Therapeutic support during times of transition is crucial.

It allows individuals to have the time and space to process and adjust to the change, identify skills to help make decisions and to feel less overwhelmed in the process.


  • Have you recently lost someone close to you?
  • Are you still grieving or need to grieve someone who passed away a long time ago?
  • Do you feel conflicted about the way in which you are grieving?

It is important to process the emotions that surround a loss. Grief counseling helps individuals work through the feelings associated with the loss of another, understand and normalize the grieving process, adjust to a new life after the loss, and eventually accept the circumstances.

Typical feelings associated with grief include sadness, anger, guilt, numbness, and confusion.

"Self-acceptance is my refusal to be in an adversarial relationship with myself."
- Nathaniel Branden


  • Complementary, 15-minute phone assessment
  • Individual Therapy, 50-minute session