Depression & Anxiety Disorders


  • Do you play and re-play negative messages in your head that impact your mood?
  • Are you no longer interested in the things that used to bring you joy and comfort?
  • Do you walk around with a heaviness in your mind and body and find yourself isolated from others?

It is important to seek treatment if you are struggling with depression. Treatment can help you gain an understanding of your illness, incorporate new coping skills to manage symptoms, explore different perspectives on current stressors, make sense of past negative experiences, and challenge potentially distorted thought patterns that perpetuate your depressed mood.

Whether biological or situational, depression can be alleviated with a variety of interventions.


  • Do you have racing thoughts, worry constantly, and often think in extremes?
  • Do you ruminate about every decision you make no matter how big or small?
  • Do you experience physical symptoms when you have these thoughts such as increased heart rate, sweating, sleep disturbances, etc.?

Everyone experiences some form of anxiety at one point in their lives and mild stress can even be healthy. However, any form of persistent anxiety can be debilitating and impact many areas of daily functioning including physical health, sleep, and relationships.

Therapy can assist you in identifying the thought patterns and specific triggers that perpetuate your anxiety, teach you to incorporate new coping skills to manage and prevent symptoms from exacerbating, and help you feel overall less fearful in your daily life.

"Don't believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that - thoughts."
- Allan Lokos


  • Complementary, 15-minute phone assessment
  • Individual Therapy, 50-minute session
  • In-session Exposure Therapy